Un espacio para guardar pequeñas y solitarias flores, que no quiero dejar marchitar.

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Sean McGinnis

Working freelance at the dynamic and creative Casey Vidalenc Fashion House in Paris, he discovered string as a creative material, first sewing on clothes, then sewing on his own drawn and photographic work.  The strings ended-up flying off the support and began filling rooms.  And there, miles and miles of string and hours of labor going up and down ladders later, they form spheres, cones, intersecting wing shapes, or gothic arches, layers upon layers like three dimensional architectural drawings.  In mind-boggling intricacy, the straight lines of taut strings sculpt floating forms.  The thread is thin enough to not be easily seen, but the mass of repeated lines, though weightless and ephemeral, creates form.  The effect is heightened by moving around the various forms, letting their myriad of lines cross and recross in never repeating patterns.